We create life spaces.

At Gini, we believe that the place of a true market leader lies in the hearts of satisfied customers. For us, excellence is achieved by competing with ourselves and by a complete dedication to our customers. It is this belief of ours, that has driven us to consistently deliver projects that are of superlative quality in every aspect.

Within 10 years, since we entered the real estate sector of Pune City in 2007, we have been able to create a legacy of innovative and futuristic landmarks. Since then we have built over 1 million sq ft of residential and commercial spaces in Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. However, what gives us our biggest sense of pride is that our relationship with the 1000+ happy families and many more satisfied customers. It is their happiness and support that motivates us to conquer new heights and achieve new milestones. We take pride in the quality of our construction and on-time project deliveries. We are a group of diverse and highly knowledgeable professionals with 2 decades of experience in Real Estate.

Gini Constructions offers comfort and premium homes with a blend of tranquil lifestyle.

Our Mission


Safety is important as it affects an individual’s well-being. A safe and secure environment for you and your family is our utmost priority.



We want to create communities where people can discover pure peace and comfort and a family can enjoy and bind together.



With a passion for sustainability, Gini Constructions is committed to developing buildings that are both luxurious and environmentally conscious.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a mark as a leading real estate firm in India.
Building commercial and residential spaces that stand up to the test of time.

Company History

Gini Constructions is a part of the Gini Group of Companies located in Maharashtra. Gini Group was formed in 1963 in Mumbai and is primarily involved in the manufacture of Textile Fabrics and Yarn. We are the leading manufacturers of Shirting Fabrics having a pan India distribution network as well as a strong presence in the global markets. For the last five decades, GINI is the market leader in shirting fabrics.

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