Beautiful balcony décor ideas you should consider this monsoon

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What does Monsoon remind you of? Let us guess… its petrichor, isn’t it? Here are beautiful balcony décor ideas you should consider this monsoon.

Cover for your balcony

Monsoon is already here but is your balcony monsoon ready yet? In order to enjoy hot tea in the balcony while it’s pouring heavy outside, you need to invest in a proper rooftop.

There are many ways to cover up the balcony from awnings to lean-tos to full-roof covers. Some types are quite affordable in case you want to replace the existing structure.

It is advisable to choose roofing material according to the climate condition you live in.

Rent outdoor furniture

You can try investing in good quality furniture made from waterproof materials. If you think it is a lot of hassle and is going over the budget then renting out the furniture is another option to opt for.

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Enjoy pitter-patter of rainfall while sipping on hot tea or coffee in the comfort of your outdoor lounge. You can accessorize the space using fancy umbrellas, reasonable canopies and hanging swing chair.

This is one of the reasonable balcony décor ideas.

Opt for weather-proof fabric

Opt for water-resistant or waterproof fabrics and materials. Get cushions that are made of polyurethane material. Also, make sure that the fabrics used for upholstery and cushion covers are solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, which are moisture-proof.


One of the best balcony décor ideas – storage.

Storage comes in handy to ensure safe storage for many things. For instance, you can store cushions, blankets, candles and such things to keep away from the rain.

It is imperative to know what type of wood has been for the storage box. You may need to check it for pest proof conditions in order to keep the pests away.

Hope you liked these balcony décor ideas!