Residential Projects in Pune Surrounded with Open Spaces

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1 & 2 BHK flats in Pune nestling amid lush, open surroundings are attracting a lot of inquiries in current times. We seem to be discovering joys precious and pure that we left behind ages ago as we got busy in a hectic, fast-paced life. The current coronavirus pandemic has forced us to rethink what our priorities are, and things we’ve been missing out on. One of them is placing greater emphasis on ultra-urban living over the beauty and harmony of Nature. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how important it is to live and spend more time in a fresh, natural, and salubrious environment. Spaces that become an escape from the chaos of urban settings and infuse the much-needed freshness in your body, mind, and spirit… If you had been contemplating purchasing residential property in Pune but hadn’t got ahead yet, make sure you prioritize residential projects that offer closeness to rich, natural environs. Having access to open spaces has innumerable advantages that you can’t afford to overlook anymore. It’s time we gave precedence to factors like good health, safety, and oneness with Nature. Real estate experts recommend giving preference to residential projects that have in the vicinity scenic topography with vast spaces for a number of reasons.


Why Invest in Apartments built Amid Open Spaces in Pune 

Spend Leisure Hours Safely and Reassuringly: Living in 1 & 2 BHK flats in Pune in natural surroundings gives you uninterrupted access to daily physical exercise outdoors. It is a boon, all the more so for fitness freaks. You don’t have to step out of the safe premises of your complex, which makes one vulnerable to pandemic infections. 

Go Picnicking with Loved Ones Near your Home: Open spaces at a stone’s throw away from home will give you innumerable opportunities to go on picnics, camping, and on adventure trails whenever you want with family and friends. You get to spend quality time with them without having to go to distant places and put in loads of time.

Loads of Peace, Solitude, and Me-Time: Vast open spaces at your doorstep gives you access to lots of time you can call your own and spend with none but yourself. The best part of me-time when you reside in proximity to rolling greenery is that you can enjoy it anytime without guilt and unease of going too far away for yourself.

Save Big: You won’t feel the need to go to a gym and spend a fortune if you can jog, run, and exercise in open air space anytime you want. You can save astronomical amounts of money if you make the right decision of living in a complex having open spaces nearby. 

Gini Aria


Unparalleled 1 & 2 BHK flats in Pune

Located in Yewalewadi, Gini Aria, a residential project par excellence, is renowned for offering splendid 1 & 2 BHK flats in Pune. Choosing to live in Gini Aria is like inviting breath of fresh air in life as you are surrounded with lush greenery on all sides and yet tuned in to the amenities of modern life. There’s something for everyone, right from little ones to elders at Gini Aria when it comes to spending leisure hours in the complex. There is a multipurpose hall, amphitheater, swimming pools (separate for kids and adults), party lawn, gazebo, sandpit area, and more where people of all ages can pamper themselves.

Since Gini Aria is built right in the precincts of Pune, it provides access to the finest facilities and infrastructure that today’s lifestyle demands. And yet when you are home, you feel close to Nature and blissfully distanced from the chaos of urban life.  

Real estate trends are pointing to an increase in demand for  1 & 2 BHK flats in Pune built around vast open spaces. If it’s time for you to buy a home, you now know what to prioritize and where to head!