5 Points for Making your House Monsoon Ready

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Don’t we all wait for monsoons to arrive? The earthy aroma after a spell of rain, the gentle breeze passing by, and the freshness in the air-monsoons are beautiful. Tea, coffee with hot bhajias, view of beautiful raindrops dripping down the window panes is priceless! But you get to enjoy the rains only once you have set your house monsoon-ready. Homecare is of utmost attention during the rainy season.

Home maintenance ideas & tips during the monsoons.

1. Home Care & Repair Tips

Home Care & Repair Tips

  • Pre-monsoon examination: Examine your house drainage system, check for any cracks and seepages before the onset of the monsoon season. Check the roof and terrace, any damaged tiles, and get these fixed.
  • Repair-Work: Before the monsoon hits, ensure to get all your flat repair done to avoid leakages. Damaged roofs also lead to water seepage leaving patches on the wall. Leakages can damage your household stuff like electronic items, crockery, etc.
  • Check for Termite treatment need: The dampening of walls during rains cause damage to furniture eventually causing termites. Get a termite test done for your apartment. Use termite control sprays even if a single termite is spotted. In case there is wooden flooring, the floor can be waxed (to absorb moisture).
  • If your home requires a whitewash, use waterproof paints.
  • A thorough check is required for electric connections. Make sure to properly cover the joints and ensure quality wires for the household electrical items.

2. Home Decor

varnish home furniture

  • Rugs and carpets may be stored away. They may get spoilt due to moisture and become smelly. 
  • Heavy drapes may be avoided. They are difficult to dry if they get wet.
  • During the monsoon season, wood tends to swell up due to moisture accumulation. As a preventive measure, you may varnish the doors/furniture before the onset of the monsoon. It prevents moisture from entering the material. 

3. Wooden furniture care

Wooden furniture care

Furniture and wooden finishes including cub boards and railings can get musty or even damage due to fungus or termite infest. Keep camphor balls, neem leaves, or cloves in the cupboards and closets to protect inside clothes and other valuable items from dampness. Wooden furniture also suffers because of the high moisture in the air, so stow it away. In case you have a leather couch, take special care.

4. Keep interiors moisture-free

lacy curtains

With minimal sunlight during monsoon, you must replace heavy summer drapes with light, lacy curtains to let in as much sunlight as you can. Moisture inside the houses creates a bad odor and can spoil your walls, wall hangings, and furniture. You can use bamboo mats instead of carpets. Don’t allow any kind of water to stagnate inside or around the house, as stagnant water is a ready breeding ground for mosquitoes.

5. Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Any exterior painting work must be carried out before the monsoon sets in. Try to get the waterproof coating.


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