Smart Tips for Real Estate Investment in Pune

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If you’re keen on making a property investment in the city of Pune, it is believed that anytime is the right time to undertake this venture. As a major metropolitan pulsating with umpteen career opportunities across industries, notably the IT sector along with top-quality residential projects and facilities, Pune is the right destination to head to for making real estate investment.

If you’re ready and all set to make property investment in 1 & 2 BHK flats in Pune (or any other configuration for that matter), make sure you start by first reading the real estate investment tips.

Real Estate Investment Tips

1. Zero in on the Right Location

This is one of the golden property investment rules that no buyer or investor overlooks. The property you invest in should be at a location which is a modern, developed region with good infrastructural and transportation facilities. It should be in proximity to all the important facilities like educational institutes, offices, healthcare centers, entertainment, and recreational areas. It should also be easily accessible from other places so that commuting is always easy and convenient.

2. Carpet Area

Carpet Area

The carpet area of your apartment is the exact space you ultimately occupy. It does not include the area outside the house but is mentioned as a super built-up area. Ask the seller to share the total carpet area of your home as that’s what you’ll be actually getting to use.

3. Price

A smart property investment move materializes when you are aware of your exact position and budget and know how much the property you want to acquire costs. Make sure you’re ready with these details before taking the final decision.

4. Amenities and Conveniences

When you make a real estate investment, you must ensure that the property offers all the amenities and facilities that you need. Even if you are purchasing the property for investment, proper amenities and facilities will provide great returns in the future. 

5. Possession Date

Possession Date

Getting possession of your home without delay is very important. You must have an idea about the timeframe that your developer commits to, so there’s no inconvenience if the developer exceeds the time limit. Check the track record of your developer’s previous projects, study the current market scenario and buy property from him only if things seem well.

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6. Financing Banks

If you need to avail of a home loan to buy property, you must approach a good financing bank known for giving the best deals. Make a thorough research of all the banks and what they’re offering, take opinions of knowledgeable people and then select the institute that suits you best.

7. Legal Validity of Property

You should, by no means, invest in a property that has dubious credentials. You need to get the legalities of your purchase checked thoroughly so there’s no loss or fraud you face after making a real estate investment. 

8. Agreement


Insist on an agreement of the property and read it properly before signing it. The agreement should duly furnish all the requisite details and approvals from authorities. In case the developer shows hesitation in sharing the same with you, see it as a red flag and avoid it altogether.

9. Personal Visit to Site

Even if you are familiar with the location of the property, visit the site when its construction is underway. It will give you exact clarity about how things are actually shaping up and what’s in store for you instead of bringing disclosures and disappointments later. 

10. Total Charges

Make sure you know all the charges you’re going to bear when you buy the property. All the clauses, documents, and charges should be known to you while making a property investment so you can take the correct decision.

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Once you are sure of these details, you can look forward to rewarding real estate investment returns in the future should you decide to sell the property to make bigger beginnings.