Summer home maintenance checklist

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Summer is almost here. Open windows and let fresh air and sunlight in. But wait, what about dust? Summer sure brings a lot of dust with it. Now that summer is around the corner, keep a vacuum cleaner and clothe mop handy. You are going to need it! Here are some life saving home maintenance hacks for summers. Read on.

Get ready for summer cleaning. Get organized.

In summers, you have to ‘clean as you go’. Summer could be the perfect opportunity to clean your house and get things organized. This also gives you a chance to pack up winter stuff and unload summer stuff.

summer homes

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Clean up drawers, upgrade wardrobe with summer outfits. Upgrade kitchen shelves with dishware and drinking glasses. Stock up the refrigerator with lemonade, energy drinks, mojito, cold canapé and summer dips.

Plants shopping

Go shopping for plants, both indoor and outdoor. Plants make the surrounding air clear of pollutants thereby help purify it. Some plants also help de-stress and boost your mood up. The study shows that plants can help improve your health dramatically.

summer plants

Apart from all the above benefits plants make a home look more beautiful.

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Do the maintenance

You don’t want to eat your dinner while sweating heavily. It is important to check if the Air Conditioner is functioning properly. Do the maintenance for table fans, barbeque grills and lamps. Also, keep an extra stock of batteries.

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