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The real estate segment is flourishing across the country. Pune is also not an exception to this trend. Understanding the potentiality of this sector, GINI Construction, one of the Best Real Estate Developers in Pune, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, started its real estate journey back in the year 2000. During the span of two decades, we have made our vibrant presence in prominent cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad. With a promise to provide quality projects, our company has always surpassed previous excellence in each subsequent one. An effective blend of technology and innovation, GINI Construction builds trust and happiness with our adherence to impeccability.

Significance of Real Estate Development in Pune

Pune, the second-largest city in Maharashtra, is known for its thriving metropolis, booming employment sector, favorable climatic circumstances, and vibrancy as a cultural hub. Due to all these factors, this city has emerged as a viable and profitable location for real estate investment. The following factors work in favor of its unprecedented real estate growth-

  • Huge infrastructure advancement,
  • Government initiatives and policies,
  • Rapid urbanization and migration,
  • Immense opportunities for education and employment,
  • Adoption of smart city development model,
  • Affordable housing options,
  • Inclination to quality life and availability of modern amenities

As such, it is expected that not only at present but also in the coming years, Pune will experience significant real estate growth. 

Why Should You Choose Gini Construction?

GINI Construction, one of the Best Real Estate Developers in Pune, is making its mark in Pune’s real estate segment with its mission, vision, and work ethic. With a rigid commitment to construction quality, on-time delivery, and craftsmanship, we build homes and commercial spaces. Prioritizing the customers’ satisfaction, our company has well-integrated contentment and aesthetics, with a high degree of comfort. In each of our projects, the clients will find the space to explore their essence. Give your life the ultimate sensation of growing within a vibrant community in the most luxurious way. By beautifully blending sustainability and transparency, GINI Construction has achieved the heights to provide the finest quality and ultimate choice. Explore the website of our company to know more about the completed and ongoing projects.  

Overview of Gini Construction


Originally started as a manufacturer of Textile Fabrics and Yarn, GINI Group has come a long way since its formation in 1963. Today, the company is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of shirting fabrics with a pan-India distribution network. Not only within the country but also on the global platform, we emerge as a strong market leader in the segment of shirting fabrics. In the year 2000, with the globalization of the Indian economy, GINI Construction started its real estate journey with expertise. The first project was VIP Plaza in Andheri (West), Mumbai. This 70,000 sq. ft. Information Technology Park has become an iconic landmark since its completion in 2003.

The success of this project and other favorable factors for the construction industry encouraged us to build residential projects as well. Since then, we have built a range of quality and affordable homes in Pune, Mumbai, and Gujarat. As a member of CREDAI – Pune region, we have been promoting the real estate segment for the last 25 years. Hence, we always adhere to high-quality standards with a determination to continually improve our systems and processes. Please visit our website to get a glimpse of different projects with contemporary amenities. Due to our emphasis on location and essential social infrastructure, you can expect a luxurious lifestyle with stress-free living.

Our Mission, Values, and Expertise 

GINI Construction has always tried to achieve excellence with its expertise. As such, each of our projects is an example of the state-of-the-art with a unique combination of luxury and value-based services. 


We promote the idea of building masterpieces with ultimate convenience and top-class amenities. GINI Construction follows the mission of creating aesthetic spaces to give our clients joy and happiness to lead a luxurious and comfortable life. 


Our customer-centric approach helps us adhere to the values of sustainability, safety, and quality. Hence, we not only create projects but also build the trust of our customers with perfection.  


GINI Construction is known for creating landmark projects, residential, commercial, and mixed ones, with quality technology, innovation, and impeccable craftsmanship. As a result, we are leading the real estate segment with credibility and recognition.

Range of offerings

GINI Construction has attained expertise in building various types of projects, which include-

  • Residential,
  • Commercial, and
  • A mixed-one

We understand the necessity and outlook of our buyers. As such, our company has designed excellence with well-equipped amenities to thrive in a vibrant environment. Get the sensation of a sustainable lifestyle and premium facilities in our state-of-the-art projects. You can feel the finesse in every corner of our projects, as we believe in blending brilliance with contemporary comforts.

Our Diversified Expertise

Our company has always moved with contemporary trends and demands. As such, we move into the real estate segment to flourish with expertise. Due to this mindset, we also do not confine ourselves to residential and commercial segments but expand to mixed-one real estate projects also. The dedication and commitment help us to build various landmark projects to enhance the comfort of our clients and achieve perfection in all aspects of life. Respecting safety, sustainability, and a value-based lifestyle, we offer you a range of luxurious projects to lead a hassle-free living with elegance.

A Look into Our Notable Projects

We have displayed our excellence in each type of real estate project. Although our website will provide you with details, here we provide a glimpse to enhance your benefits-

  • Residential – GINI Sanskruti (Hadapsar, Pune), GINI Bellissimo (Dhanori, Pune), GINI Bellina (Dhanori, Pune), GINI Viviana (Balewadi, Pune), GINI Lake Gardenz (Ahmedabad, Gujarat), and more
  • Commercial – VIP Plaza (Andheri, West) and more
  • Mixed-one – GINI Vivante (Kiwale, Pune), GINI Belvista (Dhanori, Pune), GINI Aria (Yeolewadi, Pune)

GINI Construction has carefully planned each of its projects to offer you a vivid impression of living with style. We not only redefine the contemporary lifestyle but give you the scope to enjoy ultimate convenience, comfort, and security.

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Customer Satisfaction

GINI Construction has always prioritized customers’ needs. As such, our value-based services look into enhancing customers’ experiences with cutting-edge technology and innovations. The customers can feel the blend of excellence and contemporary outlook in each of our projects. Get a taste of a lavish lifestyle in our majestic ambiance and avail yourself of the opportunity to thrive. We prioritize your satisfaction foremost. 

Highlights of Our Customer-Centric Approach

As a leading real estate developer in Pune, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, we build Residential Homes and Commercial Spaces with a customer-centric approach. Hence, we exceed your expectations with quality, expertise, and value-based services. We fulfill your passion and expectation with positivity, quality, and integrity. Be a part of our aesthetically designed homes and commercial spaces to get the awe-inspiring feelings of living with the highest degree of satisfaction.


GINI Construction has emerged as a leading real estate developer in Pune due to all these facts. We adhere to a unique combination of quality, services, and excellence. Obviously, our company has been regarded as the ultimate choice to build your homes and commercial spaces. We not only create aesthetic spaces but build your trust with integrity and transparency.  

Get the most details information about our ongoing residential and commercial projects on our website. GINI Construction, one of the Best Real Estate Developers in Pune, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, is dedicated to fulfilling customers’ needs with the highest degree of satisfaction. Our high-quality projects will be your ultimate choice due to cutting-edge technology, innovations, world-class amenities, vibrant communities, as well as excellent locations and social infrastructures. So, if you are in need of residential or commercial space in Pune, Mumbai, or Ahmedabad, then go for GINI Construction projects without any hesitation. We help you with our customer-centric approaches and value-based services. 

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